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About Roman Noodle

About the Author

Jennifer Tontini writes the Roman Noodle Loves to Doodle series of books.  In addition, she writes other children's books and adult fiction short stories and books.  Jennifer also writes training programs and materials, and works as a marketing consultant, technical writer, creative writer, and instructional designer.  She lives in the Tampa, FL, area with her husband, Chris, their son, Roman, and their daughter, Mia. 

The author says, "Writing the Roman Noodle Loves to Doodle series has allowed me to create a story for and about my little Roman Noodle.  The design of the doodle-along books means that we’ll enjoy the stories together for years to come.  I love watching Roman light up when we read the stories together before he goes to sleep at night!  My extremely artistic nephews gave me the idea for books that could be drawn in and re-drawn in with each reading, and some of their artworks make their way into each and every Roman Noodle book.
I hope that other parents, as well as aunts and uncles, grandparents, and educators will enjoy the Roman Noodle Loves to Doodle series of books as much as my family and I do."

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